Banding together to Understand the Process of Appealing Council Tax

All properties come under a band (A to H) which determines how much council tax should be paid on that property. The band of council tax you pay in England is based on how much your property was worth (or would have been worth) on 1 April 1991. The listing officer at the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) is responsible for the valuation and banding of all properties.

If you think that your council tax banding is wrong, you may be able to challenge it online or by post.

To make a challenge online, you can go to The government website recommends that if you think the banding is wrong, to contact the VOA in the first instance. If they are unable to resolve the matter, then you can check your eligibility to make a formal challenge by submitting a checklist (, before proceeding with making a formal challenge. If you are not eligible to make a challenge, then there is a slightly different process to be followed.

It is also possible to make a challenge by post by filling out an application and sending it to the listing officer at your regional VOA.

It is worth noting that the banding can go up as well as down and you would have to continue paying your council tax while the challenge is taking place.

The VOA should normally make a decision within 2 months. If you disagree with the VOA’s decision, it is possible to appeal to the Valuation Tribunal within 3 months of the VOA’s decision. You would have to cover your own costs at the Valuation Tribunal.

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